Voice of a consumer

Man Vs Women

When talking about home care the majority of cleaning is a question most consumers don’t question about? Households in the APAC region are moreover predominantly women are in charge of cleaning. Statistics say that approximately 40-45% of consumers say that women are the Queens of the household. There’s a no-nonsense policy that would disrupt the cleaning process set by the women in the house. However, this trend has seemingly changed since the Lockdown period that men have been a helping hand in the cleaning process. Contrastingly, there’s an accumulation of thoughts and ideas that consumers contemplate, 30% view that it’s a shared responsibility. Hence, it’s a debate that as cleaning products manufacturers we tend to nurture. We care for our consumers with one mindset & policy “simplifying cleanliness through innovation”. This correlates to making the consumer’s day-to-day cleaning activities easy, simple & less stressful.

Consumers are our biggest assets: -

Our customers are our biggest asset when looking at our line of products they often provide a sense of contemplation towards the products we provide. The goal is simple when the distributors buy our products the feedback given by their consumers is that, they our looking forward to purchasing our products has the quality to price ratio is perfectly balanced. Moreover, the consumer is happy while making use of our products. According to Dr. Gautum Darekar, “Affordable and durable, quality FMCG, home cleaning products with a wide range of varieties.”  A long-time consumer of our products has evaluated that our products are able to match the Quality & Price & would highly recommend to Doctor’s Association.

“A whole new experience of ease in cleaning and at the best price. Convertex is really a pioneer in touching this side of daily chores. Indeed, a good range of household cleaning products branded yet at a worthy price…!!! – Deepika Singh”, a home care consumer who makes use, of our line of products and acknowledges they are top of the line in utensils cleaning products.

Using the voice of an employee: -

Employees behaviour to the products and understanding it root is the key for any company. Similarly, a new employee joining the company would brief on what are the products the company sells and segregation from economical to premium. Employees are made to understand what role does each part of the company plays. The employees aren’t dropped in the ocean to pick pebbles but are kept updated on the clientele & product list.

Moreover, this interaction makes the employee to step in the right interaction, collectively creating an impact when interacting with consumer itself. Roles are sub defined as to what a consumer is been buying for cleaning products. Research, Research & Research are the factors that drive Convertex India to a formidable force in the FMCG market for cleaning products. Be it in private labelling or creating a well-established brand name. Listening & analysing its employees brings a whole new perspective to create a well-established link to the consumer.

Understanding a consumer from the first step: -

Our product belongs to the heart of every household hence its impact on quality, precision & affordability has to be on point. “Quality remains in the heart of the consumer compared to that of the price”. Consumer feedback is vital whether it comes on a call from the distributor asking for more of our products. Or all of a sudden, he doesn’t need our products as he has got the same product from somewhere else but at cost of quality. We approach our consumers diligently and provide them with an alternative because losing a consumer is easy but building a relationship takes a long time. Whether it is B2B or B2C lots of variables impact the way our products are judged & hence a fine line is needed wherein they correlate.

This correlation can only happen when our products, deemed by our consumers are matched by their expectations. Often a lash out has been seen on various e-commerce sites that consumers don’t receive what they often view while buying the particular products. The description of the product is misleading, to avoid such errors we make sure whatever we post, place, and sell, the standard is maintained.

Life after Lockdown: -

As the world is still getting used to the aftermath of the Lockdown, keeping surfaces & spaces free of diseases and micro-organisms. However, experts have contemplated using that the effectiveness of using microfiber due to its attributes of removing pathogens from the surface is remarkable. The goal of Convertex is to meet the demand set by the expectations of the consumers. The microfiber cloth is able to clean surfaces and immediately remove soil, dirt, dust, and bacteria that locks them within the fibres themselves. It’s created with high precision & quality, in order to trap micro-organisms till they are tossed to be washed and reused again. Concurrently as the mark of the period of lockdown sales and consumer’s needs, the overwhelming impact of mops has overall increased. E-commerce personnel expressed that mop was the hottest commodity as it blended with both male & female consumers. Thus, we conjoined with the needs of the consumer and made mops that were easy to clean and could be replaced the current market needs.