Do you always worry about how to clean your floor?

How many hours do you spend cleaning the floor, only to find it the same the next day?

Convertex India brings you the best, most reasonable, and standard solutions. Our brand, “Magic Cleen”, under the umbrella of Convertex India Pvt Ltd, introduced Magic Cleen Mops, which leaves no stain or dirt behind. It has a long-lasting handle, cotton yarn, uneven strings, and sponge, which offers the best cleanliness. In addition, our floor cleaning mop simplifies the cleaning.

Our mops are classified into:

● Clip Mop – Fixed Mops ( Yarns fixed with Mould / Pipe ) available in 8 inch , 6 inch and 2 inch – Detachable Mops with 6 inch Clips ( Clips / Yarns / Pipe )

● Deck Mop ( Round Deck 2 inch )

What is the significance of a Cleaning Mop?

Effective cleaning is essential in the food production sector. It doesn’t matter the household or commercial kitchen; it needs to be productive, efficient, and high-performing. We’ll help you to choose the right floor-cleaning mops to keep your floor safe and clean.

Our cleaning mops can enter areas that are often difficult to reach. Even you can clean the edge of the floor. Our mops clean the corners efficiently as they clean the remaining floor. Whether you have a giant warehouse to clean, or a small house, these cleaning mops can even enter minor nooks.

The significant factors in developing these mops were to prevent user fatigue and job injuries. In addition, these cleaning mops leave your floor dry within a few seconds and consume minimal water.

How is our product different from others? Conventional cleaning mops merely push the water and dirt aside without cleaning the floor. Our house cleaning mop cleans the floor with speed and efficiency instead of giving an illusion of a clean surface.

How our house cleaning mop can help you?

Cleaning mops can help you in a variety of ways. Let’s see their advantages.

Works as disinfectant

They mop away the smallest of particles. It cleans the kitchen, laundry rooms, showers, and bathroom floors. Use water and soap/liquid solution to eliminate the bacteria and safeguard us from sickness.

Clean Liquid Spills

Now and then, we come across liquid spills at home. It could be during a cooking setback or a dropped drink. Our floor cleaning mop absorbs liquid and gathers particles from the floor surface. However, a wet mop is a right option for stains that dry away.

How to use the Floor Cleaning Mop?

Step #1 Prepare The Surface

Prepare the area while removing or siding mats, furniture, and other decorative items.

If you are cleaning in an industrial area, put the alert boards to restrict the entry of pedestrians.

Step #2 Dusting

Dust mopping eliminates debris and soil. Dust mop pushes the dirt out. Collect the dirt into the pan with a broom. And the floor is ready for wet mopping.

Step #3 Soak The Mop

Immerse the mop into the prepared solution for cleaning. When you are all set up for cleaning, squeeze the mop, so it does not seep.

Step #4 Use An Identical Pattern To Clean

Clean the entire surface in a similar pattern. The pattern ensures that every part of the surface is noticed. Start from the inner corner towards the exit. This way, you’ll always stand in the dry area.

Step #5 Rinse Mop

Rinse the mop again & again into a cleaning solution. Failing to rinse will deposit soil and muck onto the surface.

Step #6 Change The Solution

For better cleaning and evading floor damage, change the solution twice or thrice while cleaning. Water used multiple times gets dirty and sloppy.

Step #7 Clean The Mop

Keeping your mop clean is essential. However, even a cloud of leftover dust or bacteria can hamper its quality. Better use one mop for a single purpose.

The market for Floor Cleaning Mop

The global mop market is forecasted to reach USD 2404.83 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% between 2019-2027. The mop market is highly competitive as the key players in the industry are experimenting with fresh designs and technological advancements to accomplish a competitive edge in the market.

Consequently, Our product is cost-effective, light-weighted, eco-friendly, and high-quality products that clean in a minimal time and offer great satisfaction to end-users.

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