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CONVERTEX INDIA Pvt. Ltd. the few letters that stand for quality consumer products at affordable prices. CONVERTEX INDIA Pvt. Ltd. is India’s fastest growing FMCG company. With an ISO 9001:2005 certification, we were the first to launch Stainless Steel Scrubbers in India.
Welcome to the world’s fastest-growing FMCG company, with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. We can proudly announce that we are the first to launch Stainless Steel Scrubbers in India. We manufacture unparalleled and modern quality kitchenware (kitchen cleaning products) for your everyday household needs.  Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s best kitchen product manufacturers in India. We have been offering our services to 1.3 billion Indians every day since 1995.

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Offering quality products for two decades

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Business to Business

Business to Business

We also offer our products and services to organizations and other businesses that do not have the bandwidth to manufacture on their own. As a result, we comprehensively maintain customer loyalty, maintain cash flow, and remain innovative during the project. In addition, their persistent feedback improves our market share and aids in decision-making. 

Business to customer

Business to Customers

Continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach prompt us to create the best quality products that are easy to use for the end user. We have a strong distribution network, and we cater to PAN India.

Brand Packaging

Convertex India offers brand packaging of kitchen cleaning products in both domestic and international markets for various companies. We offer packaging that draws the audience's attention and prompts them to purchase repeatedly. Moreover, we offer customized products and packaging as per client's requirements which helps keep the momentum going.

Let’s explore our range of cleaning products

Kitchen cleaning products

Uncleaned kitchen products directly impact the health of an individual. Our best cleaning products for the kitchen help to maintain a hygienic and healthy kitchenette. You can find various products that guarantee instant cleaning without damaging your product surfaces. Our products are tested and certified that stand out. They are manufactured as per the latest standard that is efficient for both household and commercial kitchen usage.

Our products remove stains on utensils, clean kitchenware, clean dirty floor, and greasiness.

A brief of all our Kitchen cleaning products.

Stainless Steel Scrubber 

This kitchen cleaning product is made of high-quality steel and works best for stubborn, greasy/oily stains. This multi-purpose product cleans dishes, sinks, and machine parts and, more importantly, is soft on hands.

Green Scrub Pad

The product is ideal for cleaning the kitchen platform, plain surfaces and utensils. This durable and sturdy product is suitable for abrasive cleaning and scrubbing. It eliminates rust, grease, and rough dirt. Available in both the Grades Polyester and Nylon

Sponge Wipe

This kitchen cleaning product is highly spongy and can drench up to 160 ml of water. However, it is flexible, easy to handle, environment-friendly, Biodegradable durable, strong, and long-lasting. 

Microfiber Cloth

Made up of polyamide and polyester, this product is highly versatile and useful. It is one of the best cleaning products for the kitchen that offers durability and high absorbency. It is available in different colors and even retains its form after washing and drying. 

Wool Scrub Pad

Wool Scrub Pad is for Tuff cleaning. It’s a scrub pad where the knitting is done with Steel Wire ( AISI 430 grade wire ) along with Fabric Yarn, due to which it does not mildew. Apart from the kitchen, it can be used to clean multiple surfaces. This multi-purpose, reusable product doesn’t tear easily and is ideal Tuff stains. 

Cleaning Mop

Effective cleaning is essential in the food production sector. It doesn’t matter the household or commercial kitchen; it needs to be productive, efficient, and high-performing. We’ll help you to choose the right floor-cleaning mops to keep your floor safe and clean.
ISO Certified 9001:2015

Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. Magic Cleen products are certified by TUV Austria ISO 9001 2015 A promise of quality ensuring that all products are made with the highest level of precision while maintaining the Global Quality Control Standards.

ISO Certified 9001:2015

To create products that simplifies maintenance of our premises. Each of our products is created to enhance the hygiene and longevity of every sphere of residential and commercial spaces. Furniture, flooring, utensils, vehicles in the home spheres and industry level maintenance of facilities for automobile, manufacturing, aircraft, railways, construction, etc.

India’s largest manufacturer of steel scrubber and other home cleaning products comes to you with an assurance of global quality standards. Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. is TUV Austria ISO certified; which equates to high standard of quality of products and services.

We are connecting to the world!

We are diving into the export segment and expanding our business to a global level. We aim to take our quality consumer products universally leveraging the customer centric approach in our organization.

We are committed to offer our services to both domestic and international export market with clearly defined goals. We have a concrete plan of action to export our products straight to the buyer in the export market. 

Our Testimonial

Our Testimonial