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Tips for Choosing the Right Private Label Manufacturer

What is Private Label Manufacturing?

Private label products are the manufactured products that are supplied by one company and selling is offered under a Brand Name. Private Label products make you stand out in the market among millions of other products. Investing in Private Label products helps you to control packaging, labelling, production, branding, pricing and profitability.

If you have a Business or if you want to start a Business in the FMCG products sector, these actions can be beneficial for you with low costing and time-consuming. Selling a Private label product can help the growth of the Brand Process to save time & money. Companies who want to manufactured or produce their products under their brand with private label, CONVERTEX INDIA PVT. LTD. can handle the process.

Choosing the Right Private Label Manufacturer

Before selecting a private label manufacturer, conducting research on your target customers can familiarize you with their buying patterns and kind the most effective proposal to potential private-label brands. Attend networking events, trade shows, etc., to boost your manufactured product, build contacts and gauge competition. You may conjointly take into account patenting your plan to stop competitors from making similar merchandise.

Finding the proper supplier is totally crucial as your private label manufacturer is an integral part of your business. As a distinct segment form of business model Private Labelling is not as common or routine as producing or wholesaling, the personal label method may look completely different from one provider to another. Before you find the proper supplies you need to reach a bent couple of or several suppliers in the market, which operates within the exact product with the exact method in the way you like to conduct business.

Deciding the niche of the product you are looking for can help you to hunt with more efficiently, and reaching out to them who appears the foremost more promising. To the success of your online business Finding a trustworthy, reliable private label manufacturer is important. How does an honest private label manufacturer look like?

We’ll discuss this in the following sections.

Product specialization

According to your Niche Product, you need to find a manufacturer who specializes in your product types. Just because you work with a cloth manufacturer that doesn’t mean you should get in touch with them for the Manufacturing of Kitchen Cleaning Products. You reach the Private label manufacturer who has track records in your targeted niche.

Competitive pricing

You can make your profit margin higher if you secure the best price deal from the manufacturers. To know whether you are getting a competitive price, we will recommend you to get quotes from 5 different manufacturers. Compared to drop shipping the difference with Private Labelling manufacturing is to negotiating the pricing for adding up the features to the product and branding to the product. Ensure to conjointly enquire regarding evaluation for a sample product, minimum quantities, discounts for bulk shopping, and shipping prices. 

Product quality

To search for a private label manufacturer the most important thing is the quality of the product. For this, you can do research on forums or different eCommerce websites according to your niche. Rather you can use the directories or list of suppliers and manufacturers. Before entering into the market we will advise you to get the sample product manufacture so you can get an idea of quality. There are many sellers in the market who likes to visit the Private label manufacturer factory for overseeing the whole process of production.

Reliable delivery

As a seller, you will expect a faster delivery from the private label manufacturer. Before getting to a final decision you should ask about the delivery times. Delays in the delivery of your private label product will result in a loss in sales for your business and also there are chances to lose customers in the market. 

Domestic Manufacturer / Overseas manufacturer

While deciding where to manufacture the product you can choose to work with a domestic manufacturer or overseas manufacturer. The domestic manufacturer is the best choice because the raw material is involved also you can communicate easily with the manufacturer in your local languages. You can visit the factories for getting more information about them. Usually, the domestic manufacturer has a high-quality standard of manufacturing and labours, faster shipping etc.

If deciding to manufacture the products overseas, the demand dramatically changes and also the choices increase. Most of the seller who wants to get overseas manufacturer product from scratch they get it directly from china because they have huge capabilities. There are many other countries for certain other products in Asia like INDIA, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. The overseas manufacturing market is only for the high volume with more benefits for the long run.

There is a general thumb rule in the manufacturing line, More Product Margin – Domestic Manufacturer, More Product Volume – Overseas manufacturer.


Once you enter the market there is the fear of Stealing your Idea and copying your idea. You can reduce the chances by making due diligence. So choose the manufacturer who will help in producing the part of the product and you don’t have to worry about it.

It depends on the manufacturer to make or break your business. So it is important to choose the best private label manufacturer wisely. Asking questing, telling your need upfront and keeping an open mind can increase the chances of getting the manufacturer. Once you work with them for a longer period of time, you can build a good relationship which can be beneficial in future.

We at CONVERTEX INDIA PVT LTD believe in Building relationship by providing quality service with a quality product in a reliable time period.

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