how to contact private label manufacturer

Things to consider before contacting Private Label Manufacturer

E-COMMERCE is one of the most demanding platforms by many businesses who deal with FMCG product like Kitchen cleaning products, Household Products, Groceries, etc. You will find millions of consumer & buyers on different E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, JD Mart, and many more. Because of which demand for Private Label Products is rapidly increasing. To make the product stand out in the market Private Label Business is the effective and easiest way.

Kitchen cleaning products like Stainless Steel Scrubber, Green Scrub Pad, Green Sponge Scrub, Net Wool Scrub pad, Black Wool Scrub Pad are in high demand in the market. Due to which demand for Private Label Products is increasing day by day. With a good Private Label Manufacturer of Kitchen Cleaning Products & with a bit of planning, you can easily control the marketing, process, pricing & your business branding.

Private Label Business is always easy to start, for getting started with Private Label Business into FMCG Industry you can contact             CONVERTEX INDIA PVT. LTD.

While dealing with a  Kitchen Cleaning Product Manufacturer, communication could be a major aspect. But while communicating with the supplier we want you to be Confident, Clear & Concise. Whereas if you lack while communicating, the supplier might think you are new to FMCG Industry or a Professional Marketer. You should not face any Language barrier just in case you are dealing with a supplier who uses a different language, for that you should overcome the barrier of language & cultural differences. Accordingly, you should do your research before contacting an FMCG Private Label Manufacturer.

There are few points that require your attention before contacting a Private Label Manufacturer for Consumer Goods.

Quality of the product: Before choosing Private Label Manufacturer quality is the main aspect. Always ask them for samples before finalizing the deal. Let them your requirement and accordingly confirm the size, colour, dimension, material, and transformation which you are looking for.

Volume Based Price: For the sales of Private Label Product in the market, the price could be easily vary because of varied consumer requirements. For understanding the consumer perspective about the price you should go around shopping sometimes. To decide on an affordable pricing range for Private Label Products you should get quotes from the manufacturer which you can compare with other Private Label manufacturers in the market. Also, ask for a discount on the bulk quantity, minimum order quantity, price, shipping cost, Taxes applicable & payment method.

Delivery Time: Especially in the E-commerce business for customer satisfaction a good delivery time with a reliable system plays an important role. Always ask for the production time, if your requirement is according to your modification then it will take time. Make sure you get on-time delivery of your product without any damage.

Rating & Reviews: Look for rating & reviews once you shortlist your private label manufacturer/ supplier. Make sure you find out all the information about them if they don’t have a website or if you won’t find anything related to them online before signing the contract.

Avoid Communication Gaps: Starting communication with the Private Label manufacturers and suppliers is a kind of struggle for every entrepreneur or retailers. For overseas Private Label manufacturer & supplier, these cases are countless. If you want to avoid miscommunication you should avoid complicated languages, too many questions, tons of spelling mistakes, etc.

While emailing you should be using Bullet points and simple language which can be easily understood. Keep a list of points that make communication more effective during a Phone conversation. Ensure you and the manufacturer discuss the same terms, which will clear the doubts.

A better way to contact via message with a Private Label Manufacturer or if you contacting different suppliers is to use a basic email template. This can help you to start & keep a track of what you asked for with each manufacturer and supplier. Rather than getting wondering whom you have asked what.

After shortlisting the Private Label Manufacturer/Supplier you can ask the question which is mentioned below. The following questions should be asked in the email.

Note:- These questions are just for reference.

  • What is the MOQ for each product which you manufacture/supply?
  • Do you manufacture customized product according to our requirement?
  • Can you let me know the size, colour, material, and dimension of each product?
  • If the company is overseas. You should ask them about the shipment procedure? & How much time it will take for shipment?
  • What are the payment terms and method of your company?
  • What is the price per unit? This will help you get the exact cost for the overall order?
  • How time it will take to manufacture the product?
  • What if we require samples of your product? & What is the price for a sample product?
  • Can share the details of your company with your product portfolio?
  • It is an overseas company you can ask them for Skype, Zoom or any other video conference ID to discuss.
  • Before finalizing the deal can we visit your Factory & offices?

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