Raju's 18 years at Convertex India!

People’s needs and wants for their days spent at work change – more so in our “quitting economy.” Employees aren’t retained at one company for decades, therefore we see employees switch their job for a better environment, better package, and various other reasons. Serving a company for a longer period is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many companies promote people from outside of the organization and don’t offer ongoing training and education for their workers. Because there is no way to advance or improve, employees become disillusioned in their roles and are less likely to stay.

We at Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. always appreciate people who gave years of service with their dedication, hard work and efforts. We call them as our backbone of Company, who are more than family members to us. Appreciating the employees shows them how much the company respects them and also cares about them. Even when our employees forget their work anniversaries, we remember and make them memorable for them.

Such is one of our oldest employee Mr Raju who is working with us for the last 18years. He joined Convertex India as a operator at the factory and now working as an Senior Technician. With his Extraordinary performance and eagerness to learn new things, he is been awarded as the best employee of the company for 3 times. (Raju call it HATRICK). Raju couldn’t complete his education due to family financial problems, but he now knows how to operate a machine, repair a machine, and make a product out of it.

Many times by seeing his performance and eagerness to learn new things, our MD Ritesh Mehta sent him to different states so that he can learn new forms of technique and machinery. This has helped him make a better contribution to the factory. When he had completed 7 years at Convertex India, our Md Ritesh Mehta rewarded him with a Bike. He has built a unique relationship with the Higher Management and also the other workers at the factory. Whenever a new product is designed or planned by the company, Raju is the one who makes the first samples for approval.

When Raju told us about his 18 years journey at Convertex India Pvt. Ltd., he mentioned to us his belief as to how Mr Ritesh Mehta promised to grow the company with his Strategic Business Mind, from 1 factory to 5 factories, from Domestic market to International Market. He also mentioned that the MD is always kind to me, he has always encouraged me to learn new things to build new skills. He taught me to work at an engineering level, he has always appreciated me for my work. If I faced a problem, whether it is factory related or personal my Convertex India team always stood with me and helped me. For the last 18 years, I was never treated as an employee, I was always treated as a family member. Today when I completed 15 years, MD told me to bring my son to the factory. I wondered why he would call my son. When I took my son to the factory, Sir gifted a laptop to my son and said “I am Proud of your dad, he has been working with us for 15 years, And today when we came to know you got an admission to Computer Engineering we were happy, as his hard work has paid off”. Today we see Raju standing tall and motivating all of us.

We at CONVERTEX INDIA PVT LTD are always looking for such hard-working and talented people to join our team. It goes without saying, the definition of success at your company should not be a mystery. Top performers are calculated. Therefore the path to growth and advancement must be clear. As with everything, the path must be often and clearly communicated to everyone on your team. It never hurts to regularly review your retention strategy to ensure you’re doing the best you can to providing stellar working conditions and keep your team happy and healthy.