Cleanliness is not just a word that describes hygiene as an impulse to achieve it every day. It’s a feeling of getting together as a family for an occasion, as an individual that could be doing out of happiness or simply a daily routine. This same principle would be applicable to Indians that have been coming back from all over the world who are moreover overwhelmed with the level of cleanliness in other countries in comparison to India.

If our surroundings aren’t clean, it leaves a bad impression. The majority of Indians keep their home meticulously tidy. Many areas in India follow the tradition of not wearing footwear inside the house in order to keep the interiors tidy & free of dirt. Dusshera is one of India’s festivals where Indians would invoke every family member to be a part of this cleaning process. Compared to the west, Indians take more showers even there’s a shortage of water in some parts of India.

Print & digital media has broadcasted this as more of a publicity stunt to create a buzz. Seemingly a broom in hand only showcases a small perspective compared to that of a larger picture. Have we given any actual thought to what can we do as individuals to keep India cleaner? Therefore, as one of the leading Household Cleaning Supplies Manufacturing companies, we have enhanced our efforts to witness a transformed spotless India.

Being an established brand doesn’t help our cause unless we escalate our efforts in accomplishing our goals to collectively meet the demand & supply of cleaning products in the market. Moving forward with time we have captured the minds of exporters and distributors by pinpointing our company as the epitome of the Make in India initiative. We are in the process of creating new job opportunities for the people of our country to be a part of our support to initiate the Swacch Bharat Mission.

It is a great initiative by the Hon. Prime Minister to initiate such a movement to help in the cleanliness of the country. Our factories are kept clean & are in support of a zero-wastage policy. Whereby the waste is being recycled back to our products and zero wastage occurs. Our employees/factory workers have taken a pledge to spearhead the initiative. We as Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. follow our guidelines to the utmost ability that what we sell we believe in. Post-lockdown sanitization has been an essential prospect to the ever-growing office at following the Standard Operating Procedures initialized by the government.

  • Wearing a mask all time
  • Sanitizing the hand at entry & exit.
  • Dusting & Wiping office surfaces with microfiber cloths.
  • Cleaning floor surfaces with proper broom & mops.
  • Scrubbing utensils or wall surfaces with appropriate cleaning tools or materials such as stainless-steel scrubbers, green pads, scourer pads & sponge wipes.

Lastly, let’s not rely only on government initiatives to clean our country. Let’s take pride and ownership of a 5m or 16ft radius around our houses and change our mind that only our home is the only thing that needs cleaning. We should create a perspective that having 1.3 billion+ customers in our country we could initiate cleanliness not limited to our house. 

We would really end up achieving more than “Swacch Bharat”. Our first step would be to have a “Swacch Mansikta” (mindset) to accept cleanliness as one of our basic necessities. Are you ready to be part of this movement…….? We are!!!!!!