Benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer

Benefits of Buying Directly from Manufacturer

Does directly buying from the Manufacturer is the new direction?

Earlier in the process of selling, typically three parties were supposed to involve – Manufacturer, Wholesalers, & Customers. Between the Customer and the manufacturer, wholesalers and distributors were the middlemen who communicated and engaged each party. Due to the increase in the digitization of the manufacturing process and with a focus on the customer-centric model of business, the role of B2B wholesalers and distributor is reducing significantly. For lowering the cost and brand loyalty and improving customers, nowadays B2B manufacturers are focusing on a customer-centric model of business to sell the products directly.

This shift has allowed many benefits of purchasing the products directly from manufacturers. Before buying directly from the Manufacturer the customer should look at whether the manufacturer is experienced & is good enough to understand the requirement, with proper infrastructure, and also the process of delivering time with quality and innovated products.

Let look one by one benefits which customers will get while buying from B2B manufacturer directly-

Benefits of Buying Directly from B2B Manufacturers

1. More Products Options

Purchasing directly from a B2B manufacturer gives a chance to the customer to explore the types of products that the manufacturer offers in the market. Accordingly, the customer can customize the products according to the requirement. For eg, If a customer wants to buy a kitchen cleaning product like Stainless Steel Scrubber from Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. they have many other options which they can explore like Foam Scrub pad, Green Scrub pad, Sponge Scrub pad, Sponge wipes, Microfiber cloth.

2. Buying in Bulk

Customer can save money if they buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers, rather than going to a distributor or a wholesaler. While most distributors offer a commercial discount, they only have certain numbers of items in stock, sometimes you need to place a special order if you looking for large orders. You can directly place an order to the manufacturer instead of placing an order from distributors if you want to purchase in bulk.

3. Cost-Effective

As a part of the supply chain when the distributor gets involved the cost of the products gets increase. The reason is expenses like transport, commission, storage facilities, infrastructure, etc. gets included in the price. Costs of Middlemen i.e. B2B distributors and wholesalers get eliminated once customer directly purchase from the manufacturer. It a win-win situation.

4.Effective communication

While purchasing the product customer can directly communicate with the manufacturer. With full attention, the manufacturer will take off your order personally. There will be no sort of confusion & misunderstanding as there will be less involvement of individuals. Also, the latest and true status of the order the customer will receive quickly. This will benefit & build long-term relationship among both parties.

5. Quick & Clear buying process

Before placing an order from the manufacturer, the customers can easily check the availability and price of the product. Since fewer people are involved and there are no middlemen, the process of buying the product is more clear and quick. If any problem occurs the customer can communicate quickly and get it done with the problem.

6. Improving customer experience

To improve the customer experience manufacturer should apply various practices for customer-friendly. For serving the customer better, the manufacturer has the experience and complete knowledge of the product. Before making a purchase decision the customer can discuss with the manufacturer about more product offering which will help to make a better decision in buying the product. Suppose if the customer faces a problem after buying the product, they can directly contact the B2B manufacturer to get the problem done. To understand the customer requirement more clearly, this arrangement is the added benefits, highlighting the offering products and how they are different from others.

7. Increase brand loyalty

For every manufacturer, Brand Loyalty is a chased treasure. The most precious thing for every B2B manufacturer is turning the customer into a loyal customer, this will happen once the customer reaches his satisfaction level. If the customer enjoys the product and service, he will keep continuing buying from the same manufacturer. This will help both the parties to work & maintain a long term business relationship. Once the manufacturer builds his customer base, they can serve the customer with the best after-sales service and best products.

8. Improved transport and quality management

If the distributor is involved in the supply chain, the manufacturers don’t take responsibility once the order leaves the factory. While the customer purchases directly from the manufacturer without any distributor, the manufacturer will take of the delivery until the product is reached to the customer premises and also they will take care of the quality issue. When the distributors get involved they are getting more involved in product handling which leads to the issue of quality and delays in time. 


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