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Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading FMCG Kitchen Cleaning Products Manufacturing & Private Labelling Company in India. It was incorporated in 1995 by the visionary man Mr. Amrut G. Mehta. We are pioneered & recognized as the first who launched Stainless Steel Scrubber in Indian history. Another word for Quality Consumers Products at a very affordable price is Convertex India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ritesh Mehta, the current chairman & managing director, has taken the company’s growth graph to another level of heights with his excellent leadership quality from the last 20 years. Along with his business management background, he successfully empowers the company’s operations through his vision.

Now you know where you can find the Manufactured Kitchen Cleaning Products with the best quality and affordable price that can satisfy customers. Also, with our quality products and on-time service, you can gain more Brand Reputation in the Market.

Our Private Label Manufacturing Services can help your Brand customize the packaging of the products according to your requirement. 


Before manufacturing a new product we always imagine ourselves as the customer. Doing this would help us to find the part of improvement. Would we like it if the products would be of a long-lasting quality? Would the product be of reliable quality? Would the product be useful and serve the purpose? How will the first reaction be? And many others. Sometimes going through with these questions makes the job more tricky, as we need to invest more time and efforts to develop the product to make it suit your customer requirements. However, more time we spent on understanding the reaction better is the products developed by us for you with durable and efficient quality.

Many times we show the product to the employees who are working in the factory, we always focus on their first reaction to the product. If they don’t like it, the product needs to be improved or designed differently. The reason behind doing this is, the people who manufacture it are also the customers in the market, each customer has a different mindset due to which many times our R&D team gets an idea of what should be done with the new product.

We test the product for quality purposes, using the product on the different surface areas and the utensil with lots of stains. Stainless steel scrubber which has is made up of “410 grade” & “430 grade” which means there are more chances of no scratches on utensils & also it is long-lasting. Foam Scrub pads that absorb more water means that while washing the surface or washing utensils, there is more chance of saving the water. The green Scrub pad removes all the hard dirt, grease & rust it is made with abrasive mesh wiring, for testing the green scrub pad we do use it for removing the grease from the machinery.

Whether it is a new product or the manufactured product, we always test it practically after every 2 months. Doing this can get us an idea of whether the quality is maintained & of other measures such as size, material quality & many more.


For making money every business has an ultimate objective. You can call your business successful once the people are buying your product in the market. However some businesses do not focus on profit, ultimately they focus on the quality of the product and the services which are important for their customers in the market. Have you ever thought about why the quality of the product matter a lot?

Every Individual perceives Quality differently. If businesses have to answer the concept of Quality or the definition of Quality you may get different responses.

What quality is, for us?

In our case, the Quality of the product means satisfying and fulfilling customers’ needs by developing new products in the market, which will help customers to keep their places Clean & Hygiene.

Quality depends on the following factors:

  • Finding the customer wants in the market.
  • Developing products that will meet customer needs.
  • Finding out the best raw material for the product.
  • Finding out various techniques of production to be implemented properly.
  • Selecting skilled and experienced manpower for production purpose
  • Checking out the availability of Electricity, Water Supply, Transportation, etc.

In this competitive market, we always try to keep a step ahead of other brands by developing quality products. Many marketers in the market quote a low price for the product, but always remember quality always sells better than low pricing factors. The quality product makes your brand gets recognized in the market. And if the quality doesn’t meet the customer’s need in the market you can hear about the brand on different social media sites, review sites, forums, and many more.

In the Kitchen Cleaning Products industry & Household Cleaning, Products Industry QUALITY over price always matters. Customers in today’s market always prefer quality products over lower price products. Your Business will find a Loyal Customer for your brand once you market a quality product. If your business creates a different image among customers mind, believe they will keep purchasing your products repeatedly, and also they will suggest your products to others.

In the end, a company should always emphasize the quality of the product. Creating Innovative and quality products for the customer is the most important thing. Where it is hard to predict the customer demand in today’s market, this concept can play an important role.

So, as now you understood how the Quality of the Product is important in today’s market

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“CUSTOMER IS THE KING” for every business & for the king Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. is always taking care with innovative & quality products in the market.

We don’t manufacturer the product according to us, we do manufacture the product according to the customer’s want.